Aug 31, 2012

A letter by Air India 25 Years Employees' & Retirees' Club

Dear Colleagues,                                                                                                            

Shri. Syed Nasir Ali, Director MoCA & Joint MD, Air India while posting the draft merged seniority list, has presented the employees an opportunity to point out any anomalies therein by 23rd August 2012.

We request all our erstwhile Air Indians to send an individual representation, a note of objection, focusing on the injustice forced upon erstwhile Air India employees. Objections to the issues of pay-scale mapping and seniority level mapping should include the following: ( Burning Issues ) -

1. Date of joining the Company cannot be ignored, as has been done.

2. Date of entry into the officers grade should be the criteria and not the entry into a particular officer grade.

3. Seniority should be considered from the entry level in officers grade.

4. Seniority cannot be fixed without taking into consideration and comparing the GROWTH PATH from the entry level onward in the officers grade.

5. Date of joining the erstwhile Companies have to be equated.

6. All UNION Category employees in erstwhile IAC were promoted by 2 ranks and made officers on the eve of merger thereby giving them added advantage to become senior to well qualified AI officers resulting in loss of seniority in every grade to erstwhile AI officer.

7. Traffic Officer in IAC was a stagnation promotion equal to present AI OCS and hence cannot be equated at par with Assistant Manager of AI.

8. On the records of IAC, we are told, that the Traffic Officer did not appear in the seniority list of officer category and hence cannot be graded as officers equivalent to Assistant Manager of AI.

9. Historically, the IAC staff and officers are less qualified, less exposed, less experienced and children of " No Competition Environment ". A 10th-12th pass IAC employee cannot be equated with a Graduate or Post-Graduate/Professionally qualified AI employee. Comparison has to be realistic and logical. Hence, an AI employee cannot be relegated to a lower category and seniority while fixing seniority and pay-scales.

10. IAC 9A grade is a internal promotion grade below an officer entry level grade.

11. AI employees faced slow promotions in highly competitive environment whereas IAC employees have enjoyed fast track promotions from staff level onward in a protected and monopolistic environment. How can we place them in same basket?

12. IAC has had a time-bound promotion scheme promoting officers to the next higher grade every 3rd and 4th year whereas AI officers have stagnated and have been deprived timely promotions thereby putting them at a dis-advantage. How can two different and imbalanced schemes be equated and one party put at a lower rung in seniority.

13. Several level of time bound promotion exercises have been conducted in IAC even after 01.04.2007 starting with Assistant Manager level. This did not take place in AI thereby giving the IAC officers an edge. This is an anomaly.

The spirit of the Justice Dharamadhikari Committee was to ensure that justice is done at every level, for each level of officer and staff and ensure that a senior does not report to a junior. This report has placed each and every staff and officer from OCS to AM to GM of AI at a disadvantageous lower position in terms of seniority and pay-scale mapping.

Please put-in your individual objections as it has been heard in the Airlines House corridors that if big number of representations and objections are received from unsatisfied erstwhile AI employees then only will the matter and issues shall be revisited and the recommendations/suggestions made by us shall be considered.
We seek your full support for ensuring that "We True Air Indians" get justice and our rightful and legitimate placement. We have to fight for our "inalienable fundamental rights".

Long Live our Unity.

Jai Hind,
Dhirendra Sharma
Air India 25 Years Employees' & Retirees' Club Delhi

August 26, 2012

Please send your representations and objections by e-mail or post addressed to :
Mr. Syed Nasir Ali
Director Moca & JMD, Air India
Airlines House,
Gurudwara Rakabganj Road,
New Delhi - 110001.

source : an email fwd


  1. Wow...brilliant...Please tell our friend from the Maharajah era who still has his eyes shut and thinks he is the ruler and rest are all his your eyes and wake up.
    Point wise
    1-5. Date of entry into the respectice companies cannot be ignored. Fine.Let all IC employees who have completed 19 years of service get the Asst manager grade retrospective and carrer progression applied.Suits fine
    6-8. Not promotions given and in IC promotions are not based on no.of years but thru exam, gd and interview...many times over before one finally makes much for the 10th and 12th pass lesser mortals.
    Also lets compare the no of A/c in each company the aircraft to employee ratio in each company, the no of stations operated, the no of passengers/day carried, the network over the last 5 years and then decide for ourselves...Just talking claiming supremacy doesn't make one superior...

  2. Will some one realise that just holding on to vested interest will only bring an early death to AI. Its amazing how blind people can be. While they do not loose out a single opportunity to save their own interest (understandable) but they never ever come up with a plan to put the dying company on life support and bring it back on track.

    Unions are still stuck in the communist era...The company is always evil and employees the victims.