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Story behind Jet Airways logo

"Not everyday you get an opportunity to launch an airline and not everyday you get to design an airline logo. Jet Airways was the first baby born out of 1991 economical liberalization in India. No one at the agency Lowe (Lintas then) had believed that a private airline is going to be launched in India, when we got the assignment some time in June-July 1992. My copy partner Chax walked to me and said “so disaster you are going to launch the youngest and the newest airline in the country (last airline launched was Air-India by JRD Tata before Indian independence) and we are going to get briefed in about two hours time” I brush it off as one more job and indeed when the briefing by the client Naresh Goyal and his team had happened I started to take this so called air-taxi operation seriously. It was not easy for an art director like me, who barely traveled abroad     to understand and experience the finner aspects of the business, Naresh Goyal was clear that he wanted to buil

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