Oct 1, 2013

Voices from employees - Which airline is this?

Here's an anonymous internal email that hit an airline across the board on 1st October, 2013. 

Keeping courtesy in mind, I have removed certain direct references, but it was also important to bring these aspects to light. 

Which airline do you think it is and why is it hurtling like this?


ps: the pic has no connection with email below

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: <.com>
Date: Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at....
Subject: Fwd: FYI
To: < gmail.com>

Dear Mr. X

Hello , how are you doing? 

As an owner of the company you never bothered to interact with your employees. Never tried to find out the working conditions and never thought of finding the ground realities. So we thought of reaching you, just to give a picture of what is happening in your company...

We continue to draw the same money for so many years now, where as you guys have filled your lockers by sucking our blood day and night.  It was quite an amusement to see the fancy figure. We won't be surprised if later it turns out be exaggerated figures like that of Satyam.

Remember you can not erect an empire with blood of your workers. If you want success it has to be your sweat. Few years back you made a smart move by introducing..care fund but that does not provide immunity to the pilots against atrocities by your business house, across the board with all the workers.

You also must be very well aware about the unhappiness among the employees right from loader to the Pilot but you are blind folded and busy in making lots and lots of money.

We were waiting to listen it from the horse's mouth and now since you have said it it's time for us to put forth our demands. We are group of 150 strong pilots and number is increasing. Soon you will get the taste of our strength and let me assure you that this would stall your free run so far, which you have achieved not because of your hard work but just because of sheer luck.

We are soon going to submit a memorandum to DGCA and ICAO signed by all of us, highlighting the exploitation been done by you wherein pilots are made to operate flights with minimum rest under threat of salary deduction.

Also a copy of it would be provided to media to make the flyers aware against this safety hazard. The so called quality of life is being enjoyed by the management pilots only and at the level of line Pilots the situation is real bad.

The inflation has gone up many fold but you just give increment of few thousand per year. Have some shame.

The low cost model is for passengers. You can not expect the employees to draw low salaries. Even govt is coming out with 7th Pay Commission for its employees and have already given a 10% DA hike now making it 90 % DA. Why don't you sell of your big luxury car and start moving around in a TATA NANO that is also low cost.

Also start staying in studio apartment without any curtains that would be super low cost. Your management treat us like pupils. What authority your G has to stop people from smoking. FaceBook is a public forum.

People keep posting nuisance about PM of this country but he minds his work. Why G is so interested in people's personal FB accounts. It's better if he keeps himself to cabin crew only. Do not try to be our father. We are professionals and not drivers. One needs to treat us with dignity and not like inmates of Tihar. You can not keep treating us like dogs.

This business of threats for every thing, be it for flight or sick report, can not work for ever. If you guys are so calculative then let me give you some food for thought.

Why the Red pilots were paid hefty joining bonus when every one knew market situation was bad. These pilots were working for Red without salaries and would have joined without any bonus. Also if some one is without a job, he would accept any base you offer him. Which could have saved lot of temporary duty from other bases and D allowance, where was your calculation that time. Why every one was given Delhi. Against every pilot joining some one made good money in name of reference commission. Who were these guys - S and P?

Where were your calculations at that time.

The famous uniform scam at XX. Who made money in providing that sub standard worthless uniform. First all new joiners were given XX and within a year those were replaced by new uniform. It was a good money making exercise which we had seen years ago in INDIAN AIRLINES. first the name was changed to Indian. Every thing right from paint of AC, interiors, stationary, uniform etc was changed and with in a year changed again to Air India. Where was all your calculation that time.

If you are low cost why you keep arranging company parties. Rather utilize this money for some other cause. It's become more of family outing for S and other management pilots and has nothing to do with other pilots. Rather station parties are forced on people. This is the only airlines where senior commanders get same salary as the newly released commanders. There has to be some incentive for senior pilots. Rather you guys have made it a school where management is more interested in checking uniform, ties and belts. Conducting online annual exams etc etc.  

Low cost Airlines should not have all these tantrums. So far you guys have been very successful in exploiting us but now the market it changing. Remember no one is invincible. You can not stay at top for ever and especially by crook. Yours is a self proclaimed good place to work. Best of the empires in this world have fallen and best of the companies have vanished overnight. One mass sick report would give you the taste of power which pilots possess. Still there is time that you guys mend your ways. Entire nation today is talking about inflation, even Govt has admitted it and has given DA to its employees. J has revised salaries from 2010, but you guys are sitting and watching every thing. You people just want to pocket more and more money without realizing that people who work for you also need regular pay hikes. Enough is enough.

1.    We demand 40% hike in our salaries.

2.    Withdraw Notice XX immediately . No deduction in salary for what ever may be the reason. 

3.   No flights with minimum rest. No change of flights once roster published. Have a PILOTS RESERVE list priority wise available on line for every one's access. If one reserve pilot refuses the flight other may be asked and no action against the first one. If all refuse to accept the flight then only punitive action is acceptable. Refusal by email only and Refusal by first reserve to be notified to the next pilot. 

4.   Removal of R, M, P, T and C from scheduling staff immediately. 

5.   Removal of Mr. G. If G cannot be removed then you better keep him to yourself and ask him to stop interfering in Pilots life and do not try to be our father. If G is so found of flying better get him a DGCA license. Tell him not to send us those useless mails strait from his heart which goes straight to the trash bin.

6.    Provide us with better uniform and also change the funny looking pilot applets.

7.     No 3 day night outs max night out of 01 night. Tie up with better hotels especially in Bangalore and Chennai. All night out hotels to be within 10 to 15 minutes traveling time fron the hotel to give max rest to pilots. Not like Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata where one has to travel one hour one way. 

8.     Bring management pilots at par with line pilots as far as flying is concerned why do they fly less hours when G is running the entire show single handily then let the management pilots fly. Management pilots to do same night outs as any other line pilot. Also make their office at Airport rather then XBP where they sit and waste time. Let them be available to all line Pilots. 

9.     Treat all Ex Air force Pilots and other civil pilots with respect. G to apologize through email addressed to all for his misbehavior in past. Success is getting into his head but do not forget we have made you successful, you have not made us.

10.   To give priority to original CoPilots for upgrade. Any one joining from outside joins at the end of seniority list.

11.  No more threatening behavior with Pilots, treat them with proper respect and dignity as professionals. Withdrawal of X and X Notice. Stop defining code of conduct.

12.  No Mr. G  lectures or any other management lectures during refresher. Make refresher more meaningful rather then a mere formality. No online test before refresher. You cannot expect pilots to fly at minimum rest and then attempt online test also .We are humans and not Computers which you can shut down after last flight and reboot after minimum rest.

13.  Some X number of confirmed travel tickets on X flights without any ifs and buts. These are demands of all the pilots and if you have any doubt you can circulate it to every one and ask their views. If you want to earn more and more money we will help you fulfill your dream but not in a way so far you have been behaving with us.

Try to actually win hearts of your employees and not by conducting surveys and declaring self proclaimed winners.

Leave this cheapness and think of a better future. We are giving you dead line till end of this year or be ready for a surprise.

All the demands have no scope of compromise and have to be fulfilled. Do not expect chain of emails between management and us. 

This is the zest. Rest you are intelligent enough.

Pilots are Bonds.


  1. Whistle-blower protection program needs to be activated now :)
    Another pilot uprising in the making. Wonder why it took these guys so long to raise the concerns. Hopefully now, ppl shall realise companies like jet airways, and even spice/air india is far better from the employee prospective. this company, towards its goal to capture the market, totally neglected the ethics and conditions of its employees. A perfect replica of Dubai , where behind all the glitter is the overworked/underpaid, exploited workers living in slums in far away deserts.
    Ever wondered Mr. X (same pun as in the article), why each and ever aviator in the country is awaiting eagerly for the launch of TATA-SIA? and has already made plans to join them?

    for the first time, I shall support the a union and support their cause sitting from fence. Only because this time its about dignity of the ppl working in this company and not some management and selfish motives as seen in airinda and jet air in past.
    Its time, DGCA and mantri ji should formulate some kind of basic rules and standards that should be followed by these companies whose owners and management take the employees for a ride. learn form what Mallya did to those working for his company.

  2. Look for a company with about 30 aircraft.
    I remember when many so called "unhappy" employees, including pilots from other carriers could not wait to leave their jobs to join Kingfisher Airlines, the advertised new answer to the airline industry in India. Where are they now? Sometimes it is good to appreciate what you have and to try to improve conditions by working with the owner(s) rather than against him/her/them. Sour attitudes kill airlines by driving away customers. No customers...no jobs. What is wrong with the owners making money? That is why they started the airline in the first place. Are you jealous of the owners? Start your own airline, if you have the guts. Pilots are the highest paid category in the airline industry, in the world yet seem to be the biggest cry babies and prima donnas. There are government regulations to control the safety of flying by restricting the number of hours/cycles they can fly per day, per month and per year. Is it wrong for an airline to get maximum productivity within those rules? I don't think so. Get back to work and be proactive for a change. You will be surprised at the positive results.

  3. Trouble in Paradise at Indigo ?

  4. First, no second guessing the airline.
    Two, this long diatribe makes painful reading.....painful to the reader.
    At the end of the day, this too is biz. The purpose of biz is to generate profits. Profits for all stake holders, owners & employees alike for that will raise the product & ensure all are on the same page & striving together towards the end result....greater profits.

  5. Orville Wright02 October, 2013

    Obviously its IndiGo. Pilots can make or break an Airline. However, IndiGo is clueless on pilot/pilot management issues. Blinded by their success they are unable to come to terms with collateral effects of growth.One of the best places to work only in their minds. Mail shows that all in not well with the country's "largest" and most profitable Airline. Even Ryan Air has decided to change recently. It's time IndiGo woke up before Tata-Air Asia, Tata-SIA swallowed them and their staff"

  6. I dont advocate this type of mails but wots written is not rong at all ! To the point fact by fact ! If employees aren't happy you can't have a happy firm.

  7. It is ok.But think of lower level employees whose sufferings are manifold.Neither there is any career advancement nor a need based annual increment.There has been no pay revision for last 6-7 years,instead there is some cut in the pay.They are the most affected due to indifferent attitude of the management.They do not wish to buy a car or a bungalow.Rather they are struggling for paying EMI of house building loans,tuition fees of their children.A good number of employees having professional qualifications are being denied their legitimate recognition.There is no system to identify merit of employees.Sincere and dedicated employees are being demoralised.

  8. Indeed G has been saying in many forums - whoever wants to leave can leave. This is damn stupid to say to your employees. Not giving in to unreasonable demand is stupid. Saying it openly is insulting.

  9. I would like to state... In the same company, 1 of its staff left a month prior & circulating a similar mail in the whole company..... The management called the staff & told that they do not entertain such emails & there won't be any policy change or anything..... Stubborn guys.....

  10. Point to note is why would people be unhappy in a company making profit..1st choice no? And no one does like this in Jet airways where there are so much loses. Nobody wants to leave also..tell me why!

  11. Though would never participate or endorse uprising for pay hikes and perks under normal circumferences, but here in this case the company has been making profits after profits. And still not getting any bonuses, where as other companies, like the usual norm in any industry, gives bonus, increments year after year to their employees.
    Agreed the owners opened a company to make profit, but making others slog while he reaps the dividends is not ethical at all.

    Forget pay hike etc, the main point i think that captured my attention most was the fact the pilots, and crew, were being treated like school students. reminds me of china and soviet where they have a politico to remind and teach people working in a company the communist way of life and made sure every one followed, those who didnt were executed, here sacked.
    If the owners were so keen on monitoring employees facebook account/tweets and smoking habits, they should have opened a school/or a college. in fact they would have earned more there. treating grown up professionals like school kids is disgusting.
    Glad , im not working for such a company, and rather am proud of professionalism in jet airways.

  12. Well the pilots mail is a little overbearing to say the least. In indigo's defense they have been doing their job in this fashion from a long time. The pilots overall are cry babies.. Classic case of Delta declaring bankruptcy cause of their pilots union. In the pilots defense it seems the working conditions at a cool airline are constricting... Have heard tons of times that Mr. G runs the airline like his dads own piggy bank.He has the blessings of the owner and he makes the most of it. So anythin wrong in it? Morally maybe yes but the guys on the positive end are not complaining. People loyal to him climb the hiearchial charts. Yes he is surrounded by yes men and can't take no for an answer ... So what , with great power does come great ego. He is living it up and so are his cronies... So what? If this pilot is given the job of S, he will gladly lap it up and send a congratulatory mail next time. As far for the airline goes the decline has started ... See thier service it is as cold and indifferent bordering on rude and they take pride in it coz they win some bought off fancy awards. Mr. G is reaping the benefits of sound ground work.. He is blessed but should not take it for granted , If TATA Sia does come in am sure there will be an exodus in the cool quotient of some airline.Till then Mr. G can enjoy his dances with willing or unwilling crew and the pilot will keep on been the crying baby....As a passenger I want a good airline to break this monotony and monopoly of the blue color.. And by the way Spicejet is not an airline it's a joke

  13. It is ridiculous to put your dirty laundry for everyone to comment on. If you have so many problems, you are free to look elsewhere. You don't do so becauz in ur heart u kno that u r in one of the best airlines to work for. U don't like the parties but hav u realised that they r there precisely to giv elements like u an informal atmosphere to speak up. If u don't hav the guts, then don't blame the parties. U get ur salaries always on time, ask those who get them after a few months or not at all. How about leaving the 2 week off plan and going off? How about leaving the best benevolent program among all airlines and going off. The reality is u just want to crib - nothing else. This is the only airline where u can pick up the phone and speak to anyone in management right upto mr G. How many airlines offer that? Face the reality mate, all u get is becauz the airline makes money. If that requires u to fly with minimum rest at times so be it. It is the law of the land. The choice is between working like this and getting the salary and perks on time or doing two sectors returns at 10 am and not getting paid after a few months. This is the reality mate and u need to live with it. Why threaten with tata sia. A few days back someone was threatening with air Asia India. How about joining that? What hotels are u cribbing about - Oberoi in Calcutta? Some of ur own colleagues will lynch u for taking them away from it. Trident in Bombay - Oberoi group hotel? How many airlines offer such hotels anymore? Don't seek conspiracies everywhere - I is where it is becauz of some very smart thinking and u r aware of it and part of it. Som ppl r talking of breaking this monotony and monopoly. This is wat happens if u bring out ur dirty laundry when there is a gud washing machine available in house. Grow up and don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  14. One of Indigo management guy left and joined Oberoi hotel group. As soon as he joined Oberoi group hotel in Bombay was changed from Hyatt to Trident. Indigo is paying more per room at Trident. Every single pilot was happy at Hyatt, low cost GoAir also uses Hyatt hotel for their crew. Hyatt contract was good for one more year but still hotel was changed. Wonder who is making money!!!!!!

  15. Has laundry become so dirty? Smell the rotting eggs

  16. Rotting eggs at Indigone get rewarded ... The rest can go and look out if they can't be rotten themselves or can't stand the rottenness of the G company.. And G company is killing the golden goose not us

  17. With "G" factor results in hard landing

  18. Looking at the uniform, must be a rich airline!!

  19. Every airline/ organisation has its quirks. The question is whether they have an open door policy wherein you can speak up and voice your grievances. The problem arises when people resort to cowardly acts of thrashing the very same organistaion that earns them their bread and butter. Making demands like "no action to be taken incase of refusal of flights" is childish. If you are on reserve, you bloody well do your assigned flight because that is what you are paid for. There are very few profit making airlines in the world and im sure the author of this mail is well aware of that. There is always scope for improvement within every organisation and these suggestions should be forwarded collectively to the concerned management who are nothing but friendly. Go and ask any pilot from any other airline in this country, when was the last time
    they casually met their VP / President or any other management pilots.

  20. Well talking about profit making airline, I am sure the readers are very well aware that employees are slogging their ass to make the company profitable. And they have been doing this for long. So what's wrong if they raise a voice against the working environment? Don't they have the right for a better future? Or does the contract bound them to shed their blood for the owners and live in a constant fear of a paycut or worse, losing their job ? To all who thinks pilots are cry babies - for once, live our life mister, then you speak.

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  22. in no time indigo will be the worst airline

  23. I hope the management gets these issues sorted and the pilots are well rested by the time they are at the controls. Safety, thats all that matters.

    also, the sheer timing of this email, seems almost perfect, if I were airasia I'd have a sly smile on my face.

  24. Rubbish,people like you are the reason for the failure of Airlines in India.In India the problem is every Pilot wants to be the Boss with the powers to twist the arm of the airline just to show that they are important.

    1. * Many airlines have failed in Indian aviation history, but non of them due to employee issue. Recent shutdowns, paramount and kingfisher was due to poor decisions made by management and owners, nothing to do with crew and other staff. In-fact many of the employees stuck with the airline(s) till the very end being optimistic for a good turn around plan being implemented, hoping thing may get better and their much delayed (piling to months) salary coming through.

      * Agreed, many a times, the demands raised by few (taking the case of AI unions) were unjust partially, and that first & basic objective of employees should be to accomplish the task they were hired for rather than trying to take over the management of the company and taking decisions on working of the company. but such is an idealistic situation and every industry/ company had to deal with such over zealous people. Its the job of the management that such voices do not get fueled. And when they do (like in this case with this blue company), isn't it obvious that the management isn't able to contain the situation and that many are unhappy with the bosses, not just one or two.

  25. IndiGo is the best and such comments should not be encouraged

  26. Heard two top management pilots quit- one for Tata-AirAsia and the other for a foreign company. Both were blue-eyed boys. When Indigo took VJM's pilots they should know it is pay back time

  27. A Pilot saying "Remember you can not erect an empire with blood of your workers" is quite FUNNY to hear, because of the following reasons :

    1. He flies an Aircraft which is always on the Auto Pilot mode, and is sitting all the time on his Seat

    2. Is in the salary bracket of more that 3 lacs a month

    3. Is amongst 5 % of Indians who earn that much more money

    4. Lives in a country where we are struggling to provide job to almost 30% of unemployed population

    5. Gets the maximum benefit as an employee in IndiGo

    6. Has an opportunity to think beyond being a Pilot (IndiGo has provided opportunities to them to be a Leader by getting into Leadership roles, thanks to Mr G)

  28. "No flights with minimum rest"

    Well if that would have happened than DGCA would have shut down the Airline as BREACH OF CAR

  29. Probably the Pilot ,groomed to be a leader, left because he wants to be a Man or a Woman. Not just remain a Boy or a Girl in 6E. Mr.G will have plenty of toys left for his boys and girls to play with.

    1. And if he left to be a Man, he should thank indigo for grooming him and I don't think indigo would be upset in he taking up a new role. At the end of the day he is a Man because of Indigo

    2. so you admit Indigo is full of boys and girls. when they become Men, they leave!

    3. In short indigo has child labours, or exploiting immature (just legally adults) youths? :P

    4. Ha ha, that's interesting, and so that means all the People who work ehen they are boy or girl are labours, bravo my friend to your thinking !!
      I think this also means that when a boy or girl leaves her family to become a Man or woman, they were called Labours, bravo my friend !!

  30. You say that Mr G interferes, but let me tell you had he not interfered than the Pilot who met with an accident along with her son, while she was on a pleasure drive, would not have been able to stand up on her feet that soon. We should appreciate his efforts to meet all the Employee personally in their bad times. Remember some people said we are the "king of good times" and did NOTHING in bad times

  31. Orville Wright09 October, 2013

    IndiGo's social media is learning a few tips from NaMo & RG's disinformation social media teams but unlike them attempting to answer each charge anonymously.

    IndiGo HR should out there be there loud and clear.

    It their job.Dissent is healthy and democratic .It's a safety valve that shows up areas that need attention before they become problems. IndiGo professes to be a democratic Airline. It should act democratically.

    Everyone is missing the point.

    There appears to be an issue and that issue is Mr G and his chamcha's.

    Mr G's glad eye and partiality towards air hostesses is no more a secret rather the butt of all Jokes.

    Mr B needs to nip this in the bud or he will have problems that his team will be unable to handle

    1. That's the voice of a person who empathises with the poor people of the country who do not even earn 3000 a month and that was all it meant. Even after having everything in life people crib

  32. If organizations want to ensure that abusive supervisors are not rated as effective, thus reinforcing abusive behavior, they may need to design performance evaluations that specifically take into account both the outcomes achieved by supervisors and the way in which employees are treated in the process of achieving those outcomes...time blue Bug opens eyes and see the plight

  33. this is the funniest mail i have ever come across. the fact is that there is only one airline which is doing well and people want to bring that down. This is sheer nonsense. we may have a difference of opinion or style of work, but just cant ridicule the whole system. I have been with aviation for last 30 years and always believed that some of the fellow pilots will always be on the other end of the though process and that's why we are pilots. lets not work towards bringing down another airlines or our generations will find it hard to get jobs in india at least.

  34. I have not seen any other Airline that has achieved such greater heights, other than Indigo, they have done a great job, and I think because of this people got more job opportunities as well. Why should someone just crib about shifting from one 5 star hotel to another, crazy

  35. that mallya used to say . till the skies crashed on him. G has made a mockery of the airline. everyone laughihg at him and his company. look in the mirror. its a horror show

  36. This is an account of a frustrated loser. I think this gentleman is used to being not well turned out, fly as he pleases and expect the sky. I dare ask him what is the harm in expecting a standard from its employees?Don't we do it at home or do we behave the same way as street urchins? What impression will you get when outside a hospital you find a doctor in white coat and stethoscope around his neck smoking and chewing gum and later he attends to you? I am rather pained to see that your claim of not being a driver is only in letters but not in intent. The rest periods mentioned is not devised by 6E. These are the rules of the land. Would you want a months rest for a 6 hour flight? Why would one need standby crew if your rostered colleagues are responsible enough and take adequate precautions and be available?

    Mr. Perfect Pilot, do you always rest during your rest periods? How would you then explain presence of unwanted people in your hotel room late in the night when you have an early morning reporting?

    Amidst all the gloom 6E is trying to be different and fighting real hard to stay ahead. Your view, I feel should be respected but only until it remains yours. Stop this petty propaganda that influences thoughts of other unconnected people.

    If you are such a big victim come out and have enough steel to voice out rather than sheepishly looking for support of 150 more (hopefully not as stupid) pilots.

  37. I worked for indigo, left and came back. Only because of people oh always support you. And a pilot saying all this. Pilot community should stop such people. Puts everyone to shame - this is how gods of the skies behave

  38. Just one more thought..... you are so hurt by not being able to smoke in uniform.

    Only in Hindi movies drivers in uniform are shown drinking and smoking. You claim to be a professional and not a driver!!??

    Please behave like one to get treated like one.

  39. Pilots are drivers. Cabin crew are maids.

    One can see why the mails are coming after every few months.

    State of the airline with degraded human values

  40. Well No Doubt this airline is not less than a Training school. Full of stupid rules, regulations and exams. But i am surprised to see this letter from Pilot because in this airline after Top Level Management, Pilots are the one who are getting so much of salary. Try to step in the shoe of a Ground Staff who is working for 8 Hrs...(Opps I forgot now its 8.30 hrs shift as this airline is giving off after 5 days so they are sucking blood of ground staff by increasing 30 mins more in the shift) running here and there for ON TIME PERFORMANCE.. Bullshit Mr. G is making money but he forgot if today his airline is having Good OTP its because of Ground staff. And what are we getting in return peanuts did he ever thought of distributing bnus to his employees. In this airlines HR is full of Dumb ppl hiring hotel background ppl for security and ramp and ppl having ramp experience for cabin appearance. They are neglecting the fact that staff here is nt working cz they are happy, infact staff is working here coz there are no new jobs n vacancies thats y this company is taking an advantage of high rate of unemployment in india and hiring ppl on salaries which is half as compared to any other airline.

  41. My short answer:I work here and it a great place to learn and grow and still be humble. Definitely that takes effort on everyone's part. This reeks of "i want that toy".

    My long answer: This letter reeks of a lack of maturity and understanding of what it takes to not just make a company function but also an economy.

    I can personally vouch for this being a tremendous place to earn a living but more importantly grow and learn about focus, self decipline, problem solving and have great relationships and fun through all of it.

    In fact a lot of the points are the very things that it a great place to work. The constant dialouge with our aspirational president, who i would like to add is a tremendous human being, the budgets for making a human connection (though we are low cost). Its the discipline and focus on efficiciency while balancing out the human side through lots of conversations, coaching and spending social time together that make this company great.

    I could go point by point and give a perspective on each just for the sake of education to the people involved, but to start here is high level view.

    This letter is not just an accusatory finger to IndiGo but also, various business forum, industry bodies, the regulatory authorities and everyone. All these various bodies that continue rigourous audits and studies as they certify and award this beloved company that is a second home.

    The world is talking about change, economic slowdown and how to make growth and industry function for the greater good of all.

    This letter is represenative of the saying “bite the hand that feeds”. And is a way that not just an organisaion delivering good can be brought down but also an entire economy ruined. And then people wonder why “India is always on the verge of greatness, but never really gets there”. But take a look at corporate India, we are creating jobs and winning global awards while parts of the world even the erstwhile giants like europe go a begging.

    This is usually seen in people early on in their careers and can be easily paralleled with children rolling on the floors of the shopping malls cause didn’t get what their want in the mall.

    The deep frustration about different rewards for differnt roles, very personal attcks, sense of mistrust and level of suspicion clearly call for counselling to be able to cope with life.
    Try wiriting something on fb if you are working with a Big 4.

    No ‘one’ is invincible. But it is staying together and working through changing times that make one stand. Then again we all learnt this in school.

    With all greatness, comes responsibility. And i hope individuals will shoulder their part of the rsponsibility for us to stay a great company, a growing economy into the future

  42. Challenges we face i sense -

    No collective representation of the workforce - you are at the mercy of a boss who doesn't much like pilots

    Virtual inability to achieve union representation because without employment rights, few contractors are willing to stick their heads above the parapet and fight for recognition.

    The management hates you and don't shy away from making your life hard.

    No job security whatsoever. You could be made unemployed for no reason.

    Roster that looks to suck blood

    Pilots not benefitting much from company's success with record profits' atmosphere' stinks.

    Show me show your shoes ties and belts in order else i will spank you. When i as a boss ask for a townhall meeting all have to come. Come play cricket even if you would are happy with family and on a off. We must play cricket.

  43. If these guys had the ball of stell they should come face to face with the management of IndiGo.

    And they call themself a man

  44. Allah knows the state of the airline and thanks to this letter everyone knows it now too. One can go around in circles but it hardly makes a difference to truth which is now being discussed on every platform associated with aviation. The shame could have been avoided had G not made the airline a fiefdom sidelining those capable for those who spoke similar language, being cold and vindictive, spending more time with young somethings, making them informers on those that fly the plane and showing arrogance of the magnitude unheard of with everyone below and around. The owners B were instead known for in travel agency trade of standing on the doors every year for their annual party to say hello to every person invited - big, small, kids. Its a shame what those are talking about the airline and the group now.

    Introspection is merited. If you cant even do that then atleast to avoid from bringing more shame to the owners - step aside.

  45. All these elequent replies in favour of G are from his favorite training team who just suck up to him for more money.. They call it I fly it should be renamed G suck

  46. I agree this great place to work survey is bought they are the worst employers at all level. All I see are dancing jokers as employee engagement and the president is the biggest fool .. He thinks he is doing a good job he has his favorite girls in training and crew

  47. The letter writer is badly confused about what his grievences are. On one hand he is skeptical of companies profits while on the other hand he wants salary increase from it. His demands include removal of the MD, crew schedulars and comfortable scheduling. As long as the company does not violate DGCA rules he cannot demand less work. Also his remark about not being drivers is highly recist. Any Indian citizen who works 18 hours for fraction of pilots pay deserves more consideration than this pilots fancy grievences. In the present aviation scenario in India continuously making profit is nothing short of miracle. Another airline down will spell doom to pilot's profession. Low carriers cannot afford relaxed work culture the margins very small. These guys are trying to shoot themselves in the foot. Better option is to quit.

    1. im sure the above was written by B-team, judging by the wording and the pattern of the matter..

    2. ostrich in the sand

    3. snowden in russia

  48. Sanjeev Mehta12 October, 2013

    The fake bubble had to burst at some point.

  49. Any industry is made by its people.if the organisation doesn't value its human capital, they fail in asset management which is the backbone of aviation industry.Profit is only a game of numbers. which can be easily worked to one's advantage.I.m glad people have started looking beyond the lure of free tickets( which is always sublo) and understand the ignominy and pains of airline employees....

  50. Somebody's gonaa get hurt real bad.. That's is what peters would've said

  51. Salary Increased !!

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  54. Anonymous05 June, 2014

    New Engineering Complex Canteen
    Chakala (Andheri East)
    Can we have ?
    Cold Water & Normal Water separately
    Kindly keep it serviced..
    The surroundings also need to be kept Clean
    Is anyone listening?

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