Jun 16, 2013

The $3 billion modernised GMR-led Delhi Airport after first rains today


  1. GMR will again go to AERA for allow them to collect the money from public. This is a loot of public money by airport developer.

  2. Anonymous16 June, 2013

    This is what v call world's 2nd best airport? !?!?!
    FOR How much, this rating must have been bought by GMR

  3. Anonymous17 June, 2013

    Disgraceful! And this has happened before. Is DIAL being marketed as the Venice of India?

    Probably loud blather is more profitable than hard engineering to resolve the issue. Obviously the quantitative performance in the agreement could not have been met, and AERA should order the UDF to be halted immediately for a year, as Development is of very poor quality. Give DIAL a year to fix the problems, and then if the next monsoon season passes without ANY waterlogging, restart the UDF, without raised rates.

    Any pictures of what it was like on the airside? Such situations compromise safety too.