Mar 3, 2013

The fun side of our Air India and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

Captain Anjum Chabra is a first-officer with Air India’s now-grounded Dreamliner fleet. On February 13, he posted the 5.14-minute video on You-Tube, slamming the management for not giving him alternative flights and delaying his salary. He also took a dig at the pilots’ union.

“I made it as a hobby. I didn’t mean to offend anyone,” Chabra told Mumbai Mirror before he was handed the gag order, adding that he had not anticipated such a reaction from the management.

Chabra has not piloted any flights after Air India grounded its entire fleet of seven Boeing 787s, popularly known as Dreamliners, in January. Reports of glitches in lithium-ion batteries used in the Dreamliner have led to a worldwide ban on its flights.

In his video, titled ‘Air India Rap’, Chabra acts getting ready for a flight when he receives a call that it has been cancelled. He then raps: “What do I say to people, what kind of a pilot I am, who sits at home most of the time and never gets to fly, It’s been over five months since I haven’t got paid, time and time, again and again, I have been betrayed.”

Criticising the pilots’ union for taking up the salary issue, he sings: “Where is the union, have they fallen sick? Happy with no money, or is this some kind of a prick.”

The video was made at a studio owned by Chabra’s musician-father, and has received over 18,200 hits so far. Chabra, who had first shared it with a closed pilots’ group on a social networking website, said that he made it to cut time, and not to target anyone.

“A pilot goes through a lot of stress if [he is] made to sit at home. The video is for all my mates who are in similar condition. It’s not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. I love Air India,” he said.

..And a PIA spoof above

ps: mumbai mirror text