Mar 24, 2013

Mallya in Malaysia for F1, gets Kingfisher employee stinker

Grounded Kingfisher Airlines Ltd's 3000 employees have not been paid for 9 months now. It only takes Rs 20 crore a month to pay salaries to these employees.

Yet its chairman Mr. Vijay Mallya after meeting some disgruntled Kingfisher employees in the capital and telling them a sob story on how he was trying hard to restart the airline, according to some reports, has now left for Malaysia for the Formula One Grand Prix in what some said was a personally hired charter jet.

Mallya's personal jet VT-VJM had been taken under custody in January by the tax authorities over unpaid dues to the government. 

Many Kingfisher employees have also lost weight drastically surviving on pep talk for months now.  

But it appears the employees are seeing through the wormhole of false promises that leads upto a potential  blackhole of their salaries never coming to them. 

The result? 

One of the first - legally spruced up letter - from  a section of Kingfisher employees to Mr Mallya that talks of action within the next 24 hours.  

Is a winding up petition close?



Dear Mr Chairman,

It was encouraging to note that you found it appropriate to discuss
your revival plans and other apprehensions in a candid manner with a
few of our representatives based at N Delhi. 

The representatives were enthused by the genuine show of sincerity 
on your part for the eventual revival of KFA. 

However, our analysis of the entire interaction brings forth some very 
disturbing issues, which is the subject matter of this mail. The same 
are discussed comprehensively in the subsequent paragraphs.

It is understood that you were asked about the disbursement of June 2012
salaries to all employees to which your response was that you were not
aware of the fact that the same was still pending release. This
response is viewed, both with incredulity and trepidation. 

It is jarringly incredulous to note that you were unaware of the June 2012
salary issue, when your subordinates have unequivocally stated that
you were being informed of the need to disburse the salaries
expeditiously on a regular basis. 

Trepidation, more so when you intended to be sincere, comes to the fore 
because there appears to be a humongous disconnect between 
the Management and the Chairman as regards employee’s affairs. 
Would either of the case augur well for a struggling organisation’s well
 being? The truth here needs little emphasis. Of course the lurking 
suspicion that salaries will be disbursed only on receipt of the AOP becomes 
even stronger.

KFA’s short history has repeatedly revealed that the employees have
and will continue to be treated with utter contempt unmindful of what
public utterances are made about you being ‘God Fearing’ etc. Avoiding
payment of salaries in such a brazen manner and then resorting to
untruths to justify the delays is the worst form of cruelty being
brought to bear on us and our dependents. Mr Chairman, we too fear God
and our God in no way encourages us to indulge in such contemptible,
reprehensible and patently cruel acts against such a large cross
section of mankind. “Oh Mighty King!!!, let not your gaze so far yonder wander
that your kinsmen lie forgotten, for then only your gaze shall reach
there and not even a hint of your might” - Chanakya shastra . Need we
say more regarding your moral, ethical, legal and spiritual obligation
towards your employees? Whilst you may have implicitly stated that the
pay disbursement is conditional to the AOP release, it would then
consequently not be unreasonable to believe that, we as employees are
being used as captives to demand the AOP ransom from the Government of

Our endeavor to seek justice from within the organisation is all but
exhausted. Although it goes against our genetic grain we would
perforce have to take the matter into the public domain and appraise
the nation, through all forms of media and other democratic means, of
this repeated and brazen manner with which you have held us as
captives to launch your ‘Bargaining War’ with the Government. We
resent the idea of being used in such a despicable manner to meet your

We request you to kindly respond to this mail within 24 hours failing
which we would be convinced that the above is the whole truth and we
thereafter would be free to take any action as deemed necessary to
highlight to the nation of the truth behind KFA.

Del Engg Team


State of the affairs

Source : a email fwd.
pics : from various websites including
Indiatoday and others 

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