Dec 8, 2012

The eaten SpiceJet Boeing aircraft that hit the electric pole this week

SpiceJet Boeing 737 – 800, VT-SGU, had a ground incident on 6th December at about 8 pm at Delhi airport

Aircraft was parked at bay number 130  

It started taxiing to operate a commercial flight out of Delhi airport loaded with passengers

Airplane port wing tip contacted a light post (electric pole) besides the taxiway

Incident is being investigated by Accident Investigation Board. 

Its likely that the aircraft could be grounded for 4-6 weeks with $1 million or more in repairs besides the revenue loss.

Wonder if old center line were not properly erased at the Delhi airport and created a mirage or whether the lady pilot wasn't careful enough.

pic : flight deck india


  1. Capt.Ranganathan08 December, 2012

    Tarun, this is an incident only in the dictionary or manual DGCA uses! It is a clear case of 'accident as per Annex 13 and Indian Aricraft rules definition. Far too many accidents are covered up in India as "incidents"

  2. Interesting What alot of issues to be covered? Esp. as per the Delhi Airport AIP, Bay 130 is normally for A321's whose wingspan is 34.13m as compared to a Boeing 737-800 winglet wingspan is 35.8m. Bays 134-152 are for B737-800 with winglets. Did allotment of parking bay contributed to the accident? Or was the aircraft parked at the wrong bay? Was there a wing walker if the Bay 130 was used? Was illumination of the apron at 20 lux as required by DGCA and ICAO? What was visibility like in the evening? Are the twy on apron/ parking bay centreline to fixed objects as per ICAO/DGCA distances as per ICAO14 for Code 4C or 4E clearance? The light mast was not painted in easily visible obstruction colorings, should it have been? Obviously the PIC turned the aircraft too early without ensuring that aircraft was clear of obstacles/ high mast light pole - the question is why and what corrective actions are being taken.

  3. The DGCA safety man interrogated the woman captain until 1AM !.He will not be worried about what is stated in the earlier post. 20 LUX will be the main question. Does the captain use 20 LUX soaps or not!! Wah!

  4. Capt.Ranganathan09 December, 2012

    Spoke to a Spicejet captain and passed on the info regarding AIP and other details in the post. The lady captain was grilled by DGCA Safety till well past midnight because she was being pressurised to change her statement to "Guilty". She refused and she has been called in again, today. If, as per the DG's statement in the media that the Accident investigation board of MOCA has taken over the investigations, why is the DGCA safety man pressurising the captain? Time for Spicejet management to stand up and tell him to take a walk. Remains to be seen if the blame is fixed on the people who allotted the bay for the wrong aircraft.

  5. DGCA is like Police who doesn't register FIR (i.e Accident/ Serious Incident). If this case is treated as Accident then what happens to earlier incidents of Capt. Ranganathan in Spice Jet/ Indian Airlines. Shall it be reopened as per Annex 13 & investigated.