Nov 8, 2012

You dont want to fly with Mursalin Sheikh on this IndiGo flight

A 42-second long cell-phone video captured the panic on board for around 150 passengers who flew into Delhi from Mumbai on Wednesday evening. 

The video shows a group of passengers surrounding a man who had slapped a stewardess. About 30 minutes into the flight, a passenger named Mursalin Sheikh, who is 41, started shouting at other passengers. 

He stood on his chair and looked at passengers while chewing on his cell phone, said Mohini Ganju, a passenger. 

"There was anger in his between there were tears in his eyes," she said. 

When a stewardess asked him to sit down - a request she repeated a dozen times- he slapped her. 

Then he tried to run to the front of the plane towards the cockpit, but was blocked by a food trolley in the aisle, and soon after, by a group of male passengers. "All the while he was shouting to the stewardess, 'Do you want to go down with me?' and trying to make a call from his mobile, which created a scary moment as we thought that his mobile was some kind of detonator," said another passenger. 

The pilot had alerted the Delhi airport to the commotion on board, and he was allowed a priority landing. Security guards from the CISF circled the plane when it landed. Mr Sheikh was arrested. 

His family says he has mental health issues. "We don't know how he got the money for the ticket to come to Delhi, we did not know he was taking a flight ," said his cousin Fahim, who said Mr 

Sheikh is prone to fits of rage. Passengers say that adding to their concerns was the absence of any male crew members on the plane. 

source : ndtv, youtube video uploaded most likely by a passenger inside the aircraft 

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