Oct 23, 2012

Why Kingfisher emails at 1 in the morning? Another CEO letter

From: CEO, Kingfisher Airlines Ltd
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 12:51 AMSubject: Important Update
To: Dept-Alliances & Code Share; FFP; Commercial; Airport Managers (All India); Airport Duty Managers (All India); Airport Services; Airport Supervisors (All India); GuestServicesAgent; Security Team (All India); securitymanagers; Cargo Managers-All India; Cargo Team-All India; Inflight; Salesleadership; Sales; King Club; Network Planning; Marketing; Itteam; Revenue Management & Distribution; Borkar, Shailesh KFA/BOM/Finance; Daver, Toranj KFA/BOM/Finance; Admin

Dear Team Member

We have concluded the second meeting with key representatives of our Pilots and Engineering team today. I state below the offer that we have made.

(1)   March 2012 salary will be paid on or before 25th October, 2012.
(2)   We have urged them to accept our offer and should they agree, they will receive the April 2012 salary on or before October 31, 2012 and the May 2012 salary before Diwali. In essence, the Company will pay 3 months of salary before Diwali to these employees.
(3)   The remaining salaries for the months of June 2012 to September 2012 will be paid once the Company has been recapitalized upon equity infusion.
(4)   Commencing December, 2012, we will pay salaries in 30-day arrears, on a monthly basis. To clarify, October 2012 salary will be paid by fourth week of December 2012, November 2012 salary will be paid by the fourth week of January, 2013 and so on.

Please note that you would be receiving the March, April and May salaries as per the timelines indicated above. It is essential that we resume operations at the earliest post approval from the regulatory body.

Kingfisher management team joins me once again expressing our heartfelt gratitude to you for continuing to believe in us and working relentlessly towards restoring our pride. We are hopeful that our colleagues will appreciate our sincere effort and join us in resuming operations.


Sanjay Aggarwal 


  1. Night charges are always less!!!

  2. Sanjeev Mehta23 October, 2012

    Interesting. To be noted :
    1. No cc to Mallya

    2. Sending it at 0051 he probably wants to show that he is working hard and cares for employees bla blah...

    3. Point # 3 says "remaining salaries will be paid once the company is recapitalised" without any timeline. Mallya has been trying to recapitalise the company for one year ! Now with no ops its even more difficult to get someone to invest. Essentially what will happen is that they will pay 3 months salary, get the employees to come back, apply to DGCA to revoke suspension and then they will not pay and tell people that the company has not yet been recapitalised and that they have to wait again to be paid....

    Recipe for disaster, it is crystal clear that they still DONT have a plan. And while Mallya gallavants abroad and his son tires himself choosing KF calender models, the employees don't have bread on their tables.

    The only option acc to me is for the Govt to apply the "satyam" formula and take over the airline. It cannot ignore the fate of 6000 employees in a critical sector like aviation.

  3. Does the 3 month salary include 3 month salary for himself? Make suckers of everyone by getting SBI to fund the bikini jaunts?