Oct 23, 2012

In red - The sad destruction of Kingfisher Airlines in a collage

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  1. Capt.A.Ranganathan23 October, 2012

    Didn't the Mantri say:" DGCA has suspended the license for safety reasons" !!? The airline was at its safest mode. All aircraft on ground with no parts or engines!! DGCA ignores all other safety issues. Sad state of affairs

    1. Story is about KFA and rightly commented by Sanjeev Mehta. Even though there is no mention of DGCA, with his obsession (pain) Ranganathan turns the gun towards DGCA and blame it for everything. Does the DGCA hurt him most ?

  2. Sanjeev mehta23 October, 2012

    KF has been destroyed by Mallya himself with his ego, megalomania and obsessions. No one to blame except himself.

  3. True...don't bring in personal grudges in public forum...no one is perfect...it is we and likes of us who comprise any department...instead of throwing muck and blaming let's see how we can together and resolve....