Oct 31, 2012

Half empty IndiGo flight in peak season, are airfares up?

Someone flew IndiGo yesterday, India's largest airline by domestic passengers carried, and sent the first two pics. Half empty IndiGo flight does point to a downtrend in air travel due to rising airfares? There were some 94 passengers in a 180 seater aircraft

The last two pictures are from IndiGo's FB page where it seems they had a #IndiGoFoodFight allowing passengers to taste and decide which sandwiches should be part of their menu:

"From the feather-weight division we have Lemon Chicken Sub vs Curried Chicken Sub vs Chicken Jhatka. And in the veggie-weights, introducing Veg Junglee vs Tomato-hummus vs Paneer-mushroom. May the best sandwich win!"

For me? Tomoato Humus and Paneer Mushroom please. I hope I will see them when I fly the carrier.


  1. Economy is in down trend & INDIGO added too much seats.People preferring travel by Trains & saving money for future. v r a developing country & not developed country like US......

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