Oct 9, 2012

Grand launch party of Kingfisher Airlines. Are friends, friends still?


pictures : kingfisher airlines, 2005


  1. You mean the fair weather friend !?

  2. Think of the brighter side. He could use the 9th image for the McDowell No.1 whiskey Ad. !!! Doesn't have to pay Saif!
    Looking at the 12th image, you know where the airline will head when you have two unqualified pilots in the cockpit seat

    1. :)Thanks Venkat Raju Yendru, Quirous, Sanjeev and everyone else for expressing themselves. Its turning out to be a good page to vent thoughts!!

  3. Kitne Prafullata se nayi airline ka aarambh ki
    With Krishna and Gopi and even Shastri
    And despite all the Daleri he showed
    All the Vilas is now stiff as a board.
    The Charade of Power still continues
    Mallya may live but he's cooked his goose
    And though liquor may still save his bottom
    For him its a hollow Vijay, this autumn
    As for his son, he looks like a gay
    The less Sid the better, I always say.

  4. Capt Rishabh Kapur16 October, 2012

    Kingfisher going down is not good news for any Professional Pilot,it just means more Pilots and lesser jobs.