Oct 3, 2012

Kingfisher engineers letter to management. Nervous wreck?

October 2, 2012

Dear respected sir,

It is killingly painful that we have received a mail from you saying that the current scenario was arrived at because of our non-management engineers and other family members.We are politely trying to emphasise that we have not been paid for so many months despite high embarrassment. Due to that, we have been unable to pay back money borrowed, for the survival of our families, from banks and others. But we continued to extend our support to the company.Here, we never thought we would be differentiated and humiliated by the words that you have used. We always believed that we are part of the family and that is how our chairman Mr. Mallya terms us. We have shed our sweat, and numerous times, even blood, to keep our aircraft flying on schedule, since the airline was started.Now we have been clearly differentiated by you in that we are not who we used to be.The mail sent by you has an opaque view about the engineers, which we highly oppose. Hence, we are left with no other choice other than join hands with our other 'family' members in the current situation. NO AIRCRAFT WILL BE RELEASED FROM CHENNAI till the time a uniform decision has been obtained from all of our colleagues.

Highly disappointed,
Chennai engineering team

pic : of a previous date from http://www.thehindu.com/multimedia/dynamic/01042/kf_1042513f.jpg


  1. Sanjeev Mehta03 October, 2012

    Well done, they have taken enough of this "family" crap from Mallya.

  2. Thanks Arjun Singh, Clipper Ghost, Capt Ranganathan, Sanjeev Mehta, Addi, Quirous, Diwali and all the others anonymous writers for the interesting remarks. Super stuff