Oct 3, 2012

Guess the pilot politician and the airline..?

source : forwarded image


  1. Rajiv Pratap Rudi ex Minister Civil Aviation flying for 6E on honary basis to keep his license current.........! BUt only thing i didnt get,y the hell he has 2 stripes on his epaulettes.......! any clue on this ? he has 800 hrs on type 320,holds a limca record for same,so i dont suppose tat he is junior co-pilot with 6E....! then y 2 stripes only ?

  2. And he wears the tie like a bib !!? Someone should tell him it should be longer !

  3. Sanjeev Mehta03 October, 2012

    Rajiv Rudy...flies with IndiGo. Most untidy way of dressing

  4. Zero for sartorial elegance.