Oct 4, 2012

DGCA changing in small measures?

This week, on a visit to the aviation safety regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which has been thoroughly ignored by the aviation ministry all these years, it appears things are changing gradually. 

1. The new chairs being rolled in for staff (above)

2. Fresh coast of paint in several departments, with air conditioners working. Corporate styled cabins have also been installed. 

3. The new chief Arun Mishra seems to be taking everyone along with him instead of working through only one DGCA officer, as in the past. Seniority is respected. This means less bad blood among senior officers and reduction in infighting and thereby stalling of work to some extent.

4. Washroom has been upgraded (thank god for small mercies. Hopefully it will be extended to all the washrooms in DGCA.

5. New computers were spotted and interned speed was much faster. A single window clearance for all the pilots and crew is still not implemented though.

"The negativity of the past few years and the whole drama that happened has been put to rest atleast," said one DGCA official referring to the sudden removal of former DG and allegations and counter allegations.  

If anyone of you goes to the DGCA, do you also notice change? Drop a comment. 


  1. Blackberrys and cars handed out as Chota maal, still exists

  2. Please do not fail to notice the cobwebs reminding you of a school visit to a haunted fort(neglected), when there is power failure work comes to stand still(no power back up), leaking, stinky loos,etc....most unhygienic canteen....it is a never ending list...

  3. How about changing the mindset there? Will changing all this change the babu mindset and cosy cronyism culture that prevails there?

  4. The chairs shown is for Big shots. Ground realty is still same. Have u visited to all departments specially at lunch time............. , the stinking Govt. office Loo. U can find visitors/ touts in the office always.Condition is bad with the record keeping.
    DGCA office condition cannot be be improved by use of COSMETICS MAKEOVERS to show press.

  5. So it's business as usual? No amount of lipstick & rouge will do the trick. It's the end result for the folks they are meant to serve, that matters.