Oct 4, 2012

Brand Mallya suffers as airline employee's wife commits suicide

Anger reached a crescendo on Thursday for Kingfisher Airline owner Vijay Mallya after an airline engineer's wife committed suicide in New Delhi leaving a note that blamed no salary for 7 months for the irreversible action. 

Mr. Mallya has remained out of the country as Kingfisher crisis escalated in India. He was said to be in San Francisco for daughter Leena's birthday party. 

For all the carefully crafted airs Mr. Mallya is at a persona level, my understanding from speaking to some of his close employees, a very humane person. 

Silence in death was not expected to be his hallmark. And therefore perhaps the first impressions should change. 

Brand Mallya has clearly suffered irreversibly as these tweets today suggest :

How can someone live the good life when something you did results in a suicide? @TheVijayMallya

@TheVijayMallya your employee's wife committed suicide ... Shame on you .. Worse still you are still an MP

Dear Vijay Mallya, along with your race horses, your T20 gang and your Formula One team, please also buy yourself one chullu bhar paani

I feel sorry for the Chakravarthy family attached to #KF. 2deaths happened - 1employee's wife & other #KF itself. RIP #KF @TheVijayMallya

@thevijaymallya has so much wealth that he can pay salaries of poor employees, but it seems he is not interested in KFA anymore

@TheVijayMallya you should be thankful to weak labor law of the country else you would have ended up in jail right now.

@TheVijayMallya Mallya is another Rama Linga Raju of Satyam, it should be treated like financial fraud, CAs also be punished

@sidharthamallya @TheVijayMallya great guys keep buying yatches and keep making calendars and keep eating poor peoples salary

@TheVijayMallya He is thick skinned. Why will he care. He only cared for his calendar girls 

@thevijaymallya Very sorry U R NOT MY HERO NOW .

in pic mr mallya with son- source : outlook magazine


  1. Jail for him

  2. Much as I find the outward show of the Mallyas during these months to be highly reprehensible, but somehow I can't buy this suicide bit.

    Its too straight forward. A perfect suicide note - love for husband, son and bye bye life because 6 months salary not paid? Yes situation needed drastic action at a family level to shore up their means and explore all options together to pull through. But it definitely did not require to string oneself up.

    So why did she kill herself? Somehow things appear to have been made too convincing...

  3. Also Tarun maybe you want to amend the title of the article since it was the employee's wife. Also kudos on choosing a picture that says more than a 1000 words...

  4. King of Dead times

  5. Dear Clipper Ghost I am coming around to that too. Maybe the financial crisis pushed her to cross the rubicon of the stress already building up for other reasons. Thanks for liking the pic. Have changed the incorrect headline! Keep beaming more thoughts :)

  6. Very sad......where is the human touch we live in a country where human life hardly matters only money and politics matter. Two years ago an Air India Engineer committed suicide when he was forcibly transfered after engineers strike flopped on 26th may 2010. Such are the draconian steps by the Management

  7. I went to visit a friend at the Dorchester hotel a couple of hrs ago in London and who was enjoying himself on his penthouse terrace with an "ugly" Bollywood starlet..... Yes the grieving mr VM1 (as his number plate of his Rolce Royce Phantom says parked in a side street of the hotel

  8. Sanjeev Mehta06 October, 2012

    Tarun, people are different when you meet them socially and actually their true colors come out when times are hard or trying. By his stoic silence since the strike and now the suicide, Mallya has shown that he really doesn't care. He's gallavanting abroad while his employees have been working without pay for 7 months! And his CEO has the audacity to call the strike "illegal"...what f*king illegal ? Isn't not paying salary for 7 months (or even 1-2 months) illegal ? The employees are fully justified in doing what they have done...it's a tragedy that the Govt has not intervened and shut down the airline long ago when the signals were all too clear.

  9. And SBI releases money on "humanitarian gorunds" !!? So that he can party some more and his son play around with bikini clad calender girls?

  10. It seems there is no law in this country,Why he is not behind bars
    is not understood - mental torcher to so many - Chakravarthy family must file a police complain for his arrest. All Indians must protest & hang him , he thought as long as the air line runs let it run, but never thought how a hungry employee with his family can work.....He should immediatley release salaries to all his employees with interest sell all his wealth 7 months without salary is not a joke - he must be jailed without food and water for seven months to realise what happens without food.