Sep 24, 2012

Shareholder Qs for Mr. Mallya

From Singapore GP on September 22 above to next four days of AGMs of UB Group' companies, Mr. Vijay Mallya will have tough time to answer shareholders questions :

1. Is it true that Diageo is in talks with United Spirits for picking up a 26 per cent stake?

2. Why is it necessary for the group to sell stake in United Spirits. Can’t the company be run without the stake sale?

3. If indeed the reports are true, who will address the next AGM of United Spirits – Mallya or some representative of Diageo?

4. Is there any truth at all about stake sale in United Breweries?

5. Mr Mallya will be coming to these board meetings from Singapore Formula 1. Will hundreds of Kingfisher employees and their family members be able to go to the Indian Grand Prix in October? When will they be paid.

6. Was the rise in oil prices the only reason for the airline going into a tailspin of losses? When the airline has hardly paid its dues to oil companies, how can increase in fuel costs be one of the main reasons for such huge losses?

7. The last and the most crucial: With stake sale in each of the major companies, will Mallya's hold on them diminish considerably and forever?

8. Who is investing in the airline after FDI has been allowed?

source  :  Hindu Business Line and blog


  1. Tarun, I think you are mixing up issues, companies and roles in your questions.

    As a shareholder of UBL or USL or UBH, I would be concerned with issues of stake sale, the profitability of the respective company(ies) in which I am a shareholder, and the potential liabilities of the guarantees given by these companies to fund KFA.

    As a shareholder, I am concerned about my investment, not whether employees of some other group company have been paid or not, and why that company has gone in to a tail-spin or not.

    At the expense of sounding rude, as a shareholder of KFA, I am most concerned if I got a return on my investment. I could care less if employees are paid or not.

  2. I think not. Yes from your perspective of the fate of your money (and damn everything else), you'd be right.

    But nothing stops investors from bringing up those questions. Hell, I'd love to see one shoe (stiletto preferably) flung at him at the end of the session.

    With all respects to Sir Winston - "never in the history of aviation has so much been owed by so few to so many".

    Amazed how he's not yet been collared by the law.

    Brgds Ghost Clipper

  3. Clipper Ghost you obviously have studied too much of brit english :) Keep the comments coming. Thanks Manoj, Doctor Aviatior, Transport Journal and the Anno' comments. Iinteresting to see how everyone has a fresh take to the same story! Mr. Mallya really makes a lot of people angry. Far cry from lifestyle-calendar-be my guest diva of 2006

  4. Mallya has made sure the share holders cant get a piece of the calender girls pie!!He knows how to lay it on and take the investers for a ride