Sep 1, 2012

Raw tweets on Indian airlines


@bigfatcutecat #NasAir are flying a 'spicejet' before even changing logo.. guess what, it smells like goddamn spice!

For a while I felt that I'm in a #MiddleEast bound international flight when Captain of a domestic #Spicejet flightstarted with Aslamualikum

Dear SpiceJet, thanks for not clearing my ticket till take off, delaying the flight by 2 hours & telling me I haven't paid for my meal.

Spicejet and air-conditioning are two independent entities with no correlation whatsoever. Fact.

#SpiceJet does not provide through check-in of baggage for their own onward connections!


@spicejet no non veg snacks on flight, it's become a routine now #disappointed

A careless bit of engine fitting. Port engine nacelle damage on #SpiceJet's SG 045 flight :

Kingfisher Airlines 

Dear @flykingfisher I’ve been on your toll free queue for half an hour now! Everyone out for lunch??

@flykingfisher Issue ID 533348 - 2.5 months since you've held INR17K for a failed transaction on web booking. When will I get my money back?

@flykingfisher pre-pones my flight citing "operational reasons"! So I cancel my ticket as the new timing is inconvenient! The buggers actually levy a penalty for cancellation!! The gall of @flykingfisher !No way am I letting the losers off the hook!


@flykingfisher You guys have charged me twice and your 24 hour(shame) line is not working..#shame


#Indigo we are on the tarmac waiting for your crew members to get in by another flite??!! Insane! Early signs of real decline

#Indigo is always late these days. What's up folks? Getting complacent? That's usually the beginning of the end

Indigo no more a low cost airline , They had charged more than wat AI and Jet Airways as a full service airline charged in july

#Mantri or not, sweet #MP insists on Car to plane. Even if the poor man’s Airline is #Indigo? Guess who? RT pls

Jet Airways 

@jetairways is so obsolete! They want people to reschedule flights booked online by visiting the airport counter #fail


@jetairways says that Gold n Platinum members get lounge access. Hyd airport says it's only for Platinum members!!!

Looks like @jetairways is doing a massive spam campaign at the moment. Several spams to all of my email addresses. Desperate times...

@jetairways admit they can't deliver hot meals on ATR. But their website continues to book meals on ATR flights. Consumer ripoff

Go Air

@goairlinesindia such a #PoorService.Flight 2hrs delayed no information regarding the same provided to the passengers. #mumbai #india

Was traveling from New Delhi to Bangalore by Go Air flight 201... Was served veg sandwich with insect inside

Air India

Disappointed with Air India.On WebCheckIn page seats shown occupied. On counter told 1st row unavailable. In flight empty seats in 1st row.

Diplomatic bag from wreckage of Air India plane crash in French Alps, 1966 

ps : tweets of last week


  1. Minister wants AI to brace up,agents are in their pocket,no booking means no gain,try as much as u want.

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