Sep 16, 2012

Peek into internal Air India Boeing Dreamliner 787 ceremony

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ps : contributed by a source, except the black background 
one shot in Mumbai by Vishal Jolapara    


  1. These 'well endowed' pilots certainly don't need a single mouthful of 'mithai'. Also, it's not a good sight to see the other pilot slouching thru the ceremony with his hands in his pockets. What a far cry from the days when JRD introduced the B747 with such elan.

    1. Must be feeling scratchy as uniform not washed for a month!!

  2. Poor guys. Have been washing their own clothes for a month and living on Subway sandwich as they had no money. No wonder they are drooling at the food table

  3. AI has unique uniform rules! In public they have the caps under the arm pit but in front of food table, they wear the caps !!

  4. Poor parking! There was a time when AI pilots took pride in perfection. They wont be satisfied with the drift to the right

  5. Wow. I can only surmise that the above comments are by fellow pilots. No thought that their colleagues were p'bly up for over 24 hrs, or that on a no-passenger flight there may heve been no (or limited) catering.-or that the marshaller didn't do a good enough job of guiding on the centreline. Where is the pride of getting our own desi pilots ferrying the first aircraft instead of the usual goras. I don't see anyone drooling over the food table. Shame on the bitterness in these trying times.

  6. I would not grudge any of them their moment of glory. AI desperately needed something to cheer about and the 787 provided it.

    But yes, i do wonder about how these pilots get thru their medicals especially after the weighing machine pops a spring...

  7. When a pilot says "the marshaller didn't do a good enough job of guiding on the centreline", you know the level of professionalism in the airline!

    Clipper Ghost, IAM and CME seem to have different weighing scales. One for regular pilots and one for FIDs

  8. Fit FID pilot exception rather than rule.appears to be a back scratching nexus between FID and DMS,DGCA reviewer of Medical Boards.In Any industry which has Inspector Raj the inspectors are usually Mota... Funny correlation