Sep 2, 2012

Country can’t wait forever for Air India revival : Ajit Singh

Civil aviation minister Ajit Singh said this weekend the country cannot "wait forever'' for Air India's revival, according to Times of India.

"It is difficult to spend anymore public money on Air India in the current economic scenario. There are other carriers waiting in the wings," Singh said.

Your interpretation of the statement?


  1. MAAL Administration attending MAAL function

    1. farm to fork perhaps

  2. Isn't he running the airline? The blame should be placed at his doors for it's lack of performance. After nine months as minister of civil aviation he can no longer blame, he has to take the blame.

  3. Re above comment. Even earlier at the time of the AI strike, after weeks,the hon'ble Minister said 'he is not even aware of what the demands or issues are' ?