Sep 25, 2012

Capt Gopinath wants to fly again. What's coming then?

"India has not seen a new scheduled national airline for almost eight years now. 
I am going to have a second go at starting a budget carrier in India..
I will look at it seriously and move with speed and at the right time.."

- Capt GR Gopinath, founder of first Indian low cost airline Air Deccan, September 2012

What's coming then?

source : dinodia, churumuri,


  1. he will only make a 3rd try to be successful.

  2. 1st picture: If my flights are empty, I will sell tickets Re.1 Everyone will try to match me and we will all go into the red. When I am deep in red, I will sell the airline to a sucker !!

    2nd picture: Ouch! He has kicked me where it hurts !!!!

    1. corect u r x wish he is not serious x let's hope he does not want to show that one person can repeatedly rape the same victim

  3. Gopinath is fit only to come on the talk shows giving duff gen... this is lapped up by people with little knowledge on aviation, let him not pollute the skies again!!!!

  4. Simpliflying!!!!!

  5. Air Deccan, Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Chargers, Deccan Cargo all in RED. Kingfisher was fine until VJM launched Kingfisher RED. Deccan Declines

  6. So another low cost prodcut to be sold out after... years for simplyfloating.