Sep 9, 2012

Top Air India gang after 787 touchdown

Top aviation ministry official Prabhat Kumar, Air India chairman and managing
director Rohit Nandan with airline's executive director Vinita Bhandari doing the
small religious puja at Delhi airport on September 8, 2012 after Air India's first
Boeing Dreamliner 787 landed from Charleston (via Frankfurt) bearing VT-ANH.

The AI-170 flight landed at 1654 Indian Standard Time. It was operated by
Air India's pilots A Soman, Amitabh Singh, Arvind Kathpalia and Nikhil Dongre
with lead flight attendant Sonam Lepcha and dozen engineers and staff. The slight
drizzle just before the landing on runway 10/28 was perfect setting.

Wonder why the aviation minister Ajit Singh, DGCA, aviation secretary,
didn't show up ?

ps : pics contributed by an articulate and famous chap who wants not
to be named.  my friend thanks ;)


  1. Amazing<really nice to see the first pic of dreamliner on this blog in India. Good job Tarun.

  2. The TAP gang ( Thulasidas, Arvind Jadhav and Praful Patel)were also missing

  3. The mantri obviously wanted to make himself scarce after earlier making a public statement of offering a junket to his favored friends! A statement that drew the expected backlash from the public.

  4. The missed an important aspect ... Of the aircraft not being given a name. All aircraft or pre merged Air India were given a certain name based on a theme for each series of aircraft, unlike erstwhile Indian Airlines of NOT naming. So the merged airline has followed the Indian Airlines tradition.

  5. Sorry, the first sentence should have read...They missed an important aspect, instead of how it appeared.

  6. What was the last name air india gave to its aircraft?

  7. Air India's 787 'Prabhat' has teething troubles on Domestic routes," Air India's 787 ' Prabhat' earns Mota Maal from Gulf". Air India's 787s Prabhat 1,2 & 3 rake it in. MoCA vindicated" etc, etc etc.... That's why IC never named its aircraft.

  8. Capt.Ranganathan10 September, 2012

    Whether they named the aircraft or not, the Chamcha attitude was evident when the A 321s and A 319s were registered. all the 321s had VT-PPx for Praful Patel and the 319s had VT-SCx for Shushma Chawla, the then CMD. The best way to come up- Please the boss!

  9. Capt.Ranganathan10 September, 2012

    VT-ANH: Air India must be having a secret admirer of Anna Hazare !!???
    Ve Trust ANna Hazare !!

  10. Thanks for all the comments Capt Ranganathan, Jitender Bhargava and other unnamed people. Interesting learning. I guess having a name for aircraft is a good idea to continue no?

  11. Going by the history of naming by this govt.... they would probably name this series on Patel or Gandhi family????

  12. Maybe they already have, about the latter !
    ANH - A No Hoper