Aug 24, 2012

Vijay Mallya donates gold door, garlanded by elephant

Liquor baron and Kingfisher Airlines owner Vijay Mallya donated a carved door, dipped in nearly 3 kgs of gold and costing Rs 80 lakhs to Kukke Shri Subrahmanya Swamy deity temple

Mallya was welcomed by temple authorities, even garlanded by the temple elephant. 

Mallya said this was a “small donation,” and that he had “enormous respect for the temples and deities of Dakshin Kannada.

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  1. Will this get his butt out of the fire? His employees must be wondering why they're not getting paid!

  2. EMI for 80 unpaid Kingfisher employees just went away

  3. Goldfinger, he's the man
    The man with the midas touch
    A spider's touch
    Such a cold finger
    Beckons you to enter his web of sin
    But don't go in

  4. No prizes for guessing the color of the elephant that garlanded him................. had to be WHITE!!!!

  5. his employees will go another 2 months without salaries because of this.