Aug 18, 2012

The new 69 in Indian skies

IndiGo [6E] has dethroned Jet Airways [9W] to become market leader in domestic skies. 

6E  now flies 27 of every 100 passengers. Jet flies 26.

6E has 58 aircraft and 351 flights daily. 9W has 117 aircraft and 620 flights. Majority of 6E 's revenues are domestic. 9W 's 60% revenue come from international operations.

What is going to be the impact of this swap on Indian market and how will the matrix look in 2015? 

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pic above - rahul bhatia, owner 6e and jet owner naresh goyal. mint / wn picture


  1. You are always safe with "Soixante-neuf".69 is the way to go to stay out of trouble


  3. The achievement of 6E is due to an involved and dedicated lot of majority of it's employees and absemnce of any employee (read Pilot's/Cabin crew's)association that tends to be a hinderence in the path of growth of an airline professionally!!

  4. IndiGo has quitely grown to this level through a well thought and well executed strategy.

  5. Its all data game. Is 9W aircraft fly half empty or half the number of seat of 6E.