Aug 26, 2012

Raw people tweets on Indian airlines


@r_ganesh : IndiGo flight to Delhi - why no smiles ladies

@kskarun : IndiGo got its pricing spot on. Rs.120 is exactly the right amount for an in-flight samosa.

@girishmallya :Indigo has stopped issuing boarding passes in advance for same day return. Is it due to security or airline policy?

@imademoiselle : Indigo Sucks i'd have missed my Mumbai -Delhi flight coz they didnt segregate passengers at check-in counters

@calamur : Flying Indigo today. I must admit that their quality of flight crew has degraded.

@madhuusv : Travelled from #Guwahati to #Kolkata in #Indigo flight, life is hell when u get middle seat which is flanked fat lady 2

Jet Airways

@alokjainhk : @jetairways BOM-BLR experimenting with fusion food. Vada-Pav with Veg Manchurian?! Are we supposed to eat them together?

@mitesh_agarwal : If you want to experience the worst of Indian hospitality - @jetairways welcomes you.

@nsnair : @jetairways y the baggage allowance for COK-SHJ-COK sector being reduced to 23Kgs when can v expect a COK-DXB-COK flight from 9W.

@djnawed : @jetairways never mind, I've kinda given up on Jet Airways, the way you treat frequent fliers is appalling. Don't have any other option.


‏@anandn10 : As usual #spicejet makes old n infirm ppl stand for more than 20 mins.Announce boarding, make ppl queue up seems their benchmark of service.

@Dipeeka : #indigo troubled me for cabin baggage ( was it 4 low occupancy) n #spicejet flight delayed... :( domestic travel takes me 12 hrs 2 rch home

@Jags7 : @flyspicejet not having great experience with via flight frm Jammu getting final call when already on the plane n hv 2 chnge seats midwy

Kingfisher Airlines

@iAmNipunKalra : Kingfisher Reschedule my flight on request for today with Free of cost.... Shocked n Amazed. No other airline do that :P

@TheLowEdge : An airline that, since the end of 2010, has become an increasingly thankless place to work at. #Kingfisher : The end of good times ;)

@JagjivanRam :@sidharthamallya:How Can U Live it Up when U Don't Even Pay The Salaries of Kingfisher Airline Staff?Dope Yourself on a Sedative & be Quiet!

@Born2bAwsome : I used to tell my Parents one day ill be so rich you will only Travel by Kingfisher Airlines, now what am I gonna do.

Air India

@ankitti : So Nitin Gadkari can no longer fly? RT @firstpostin  Air India imposes  ban on excess baggage by VIPs

@dpsp1231 : @Fly_Air_India At least have the courtesy of turning on the air condition on your ridiculous flights if you plan to keep 300 ppl on board. Two hours on flight and still no relief

@kdastgirkhan : #PMLN Peace with Eyes Open~ Air India to Patna ~ Pakistan Parliamentarians' delegation to learn about Bihar 'miracle'

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  1. Why this bias towards Indigo? Is it because it is now the most preferred airline of domestic passengers? There must be lot of tweets regarding other airlines too. Missing GO!!!
    Why this bias towards the airline having an impeccable record of on time performance and the best in the world dispatch reliability?

  2. Degraded flight crew? who employed maximum fake license holders?

  3. IndiGo is still charging Rs60/= per samosa, Cafe Coffee day charges the same on the ground. :)thanks

  4. Thought It was Kingfisher