Aug 13, 2012

No more FDI in airlines?

“I am in touch with Mamata Banerjee and other allies and hope to bring FDI in civil aviation soon," civil aviation minister Ajit Singh says.

Though a cabinet note for allowing foreign airlines to buy up to 49% stakes in domestic companies is lying ready for sometime the agenda never appears for the scheduled meeting.

Kingfisher Airlines's Vijay Mallya has already said he  will infuse cash with or without FDI policy change. Is that indicative of no light for FDI ?


photo above : indiatimes


  1. FDI - Fizz Dissappears Immediately if the bottle cap is removed. Beer goes flat and so is Mallya's credibility!
    Only a fool will invest in Indian aviation

  2. Only one airline is desperate for FDI. The government will think of the larger coalition interest before taking up some thing as controversial as FDI.

    To top it there is a dearth of buyers. GoI might be averse to Gulf carriers investing in India, the European carriers are already consolidating their home market (both Lufthansa and British Airways are on buying spree) and they do not have extra cash to infuse in an alien market.

    American carriers are bankrupt as usual. So who will invest? The government might put on the back burner till the aviation situation improves.

  3. Mr Mallya's Kingfisher's demise had been known to anyone with common sense from the begining, as he lives in an unrealistic and unethical world of his own, surrounded by sycophants. No FDI can ever recover him out of this deep sh..t that he has got the airline into. Infact he has done the greatest damage to the aviation Industry by his extravagant activities at the cost of taxpayer's money...that the equally crook Bank's senior management people have indulged in giving him the loans with no hope for a return now or in future.....God bless this country and crooks like him and Bankers....